Help: Quest for Orthologs - Challenge 6

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Input parameters

The workflow requires three input parameters:

  • A single input file that contains the list of predicted orthologous pairs to be evaluated against the correpondent metrics reference datasets (please check 'Formats' section in QfO main Help page).
    When uploading your list, make sure that you define the following File Type and Data Type for this file, to make sure that VRE understand the type of data your are importing:
ORTHOXML       Data to Evaluate
TSV            Data to Evaluate

These formats can be either uncompressed or compressed in 'gz' or 'bzip2' files.
At Get Data -> Import Sample Data you'll be able to donwload a test sample file for this workflow.

  • The list of challenges / benchmarks where user wants to benchmark their predictions. It is possible to select one or more from a drop-down list (e.g. "Gene Ontology conservation test", "Generalized Species Tree Discordance Benchmark - Eukaryota")
  • The name of the tool used to predict the orthologous pairs.