Help: Quest for Orthologs - Challenge 6

Inputs Outputs Method References

This workflow generates a five output files:

  • A RESULTS.tar.gz file that can be downloaded in the 'View results' section > 'Download all the raw data in a compressed tar.gz file'. It contains a 'summary' Manifest.json file and all the assessment data required to perform the benchmark, together with several SVG files with the visualization of the results and applied classification methods.
  • An 'assessment_datasets' JSON file that contains the assessment metrics computed in the benchmark.
  • A 'consolidated_results' JSON file that contains all the datasets generated by the workflow that follow the Benchmarking Data Model (e.g. participant, assessment, aggregation...), and metadata ready to be pushed into the official OpenEBench Benchmarking Registry.
  • A nfstats.tar.gz file that can also be downloaded from the workspace and contains Nextflow logging information about the run: reports about execution time, memory usage...
  • other_files.tar.gz contains supplementary files used or produced by the workflow (this option might not be used by all the benchmarking workflows).

Also, it is possible to visualize all the benchmarking results directly in the VRE User Workspace by clicking in the 'View results' icon in the right of the execution folder

If you want to view the results for the 2018 QfO benchmark without running the VRE workflow, please refer to OpenEBench