Get Data

The VRE provides two ways for getting data:


  • Upload Data

    • First Step: Upload data


      Upload files from your local computer

      To upload a file from the computer, users just have to drag and drop the files to the specified area or click on it.

      Create new file

      To create a new file from text, users just have to insert the file name and the text data (i.g. a DNA sequence) and click the button SEND DATA.

      Load file from an external URL

      To load a file from an external URL, users just have to insert the URL in the input file and click the button SEND DATA


    • Second Step: Edit File Metadata


      1. Choose the file format.

      2. Choose the Data type.

      Fill in the Metadata

  • Import Sample Data


    You can import sample datasets which are provided by the VRE as shown below

    Import predefined dataset for the tool you want to run

    Once the sample datasets have been imported you will be redirected to the workspace

    Information about the imported dataset

    You can then run a tool or visualizer directly from your workspace

    Launch Tool/Visualizer from the workspace


Edit File Metadata

    1. Select the project you want to work with (default: MyFirstProject)

    2. Set a name for your execution

    3. Add a description

    4. Select your input file

    5. Select one or more challenges to participate in

    6. Set a name for you method