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Tool Description Author Operations Long Description Keywords Metakeywords id visualizer
GMI Outbreak Detection Service to measure the performance of the GMI outbreak detection system using a phylogenomic pipeline. Sara Monzón, Isabel Cuesta Evaluate Tree The Global Microbial Identifier pathogen tracking initiative (GMI) develops a global resource of sequence data for identification and diagnostics of pathogenic organisms and infectious diseases. A worldwide network of shared genomic information for bacterial, viral, and parasitic microorganisms can be used widely, from establishing a global disease outbreak detection system to personalised medicine. human-microbiome, virus, phylogenetics phylogenetics GMI_OD
QfO Challenge 6 Quest for Orthologs Consortium - Challenge 6. Evaluation of ortholgy prediction methods Adrian Altenhoff Evaluate Orthologs proteomics, orthologs, phylogenetics phylogenetics, orthology, comparative genomics QFO_6
TCGA Cancer Drivers Service to measure cancer drive genes predicted by individual tools and/or workflows. This is based on the efforts made by the TCGA working group Javier Garrayo - Salvador Capella Evaluate Genes The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) is a joint effort to characterize cancer driver genes in 33 different cancer types from nearly 10,000 exomes. In such an effort, several methods for predicting cancer genes are constantly being developed and improved. This benchmarking service evalute these methods. driver genes, target_cancer, cancer genomics cancer_genomics TCGA_CD